Saturday, July 15, 2006

And here is the furikomi (money transfer) for the transfer of 5,000 yen to Japanese Foundation For Cancer Research

First money transferred to charity!! There is one ad on my site already. This has generated 10,000 yen for charity to be split equally between the Japanese Red Cross and the Japanese Foundation For Cancer Research. Above is a receipt showing the transfer of 5,000 yen to the Japanese Red Cross.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

It seems like a good idea, if only I can generate traffic...

This is a blog about a new website that I just launched called "Breakintojapan", the Japanese version of the site is called "Chari-ad". The idea for the site came from the ground-breaking page produced by Alex Tew (The Million Dollar Homepage). But there are important differences especially the specialization of the site to focus on Japan and its charitable activities.

So, what does the site do? The site is a way of directing traffic to your own website, a way of connecting Japanese and non-Japanese markets, and a way of raising money for charity.

One of the main features of the site is to provide advertising space for people who wish to increase traffic to their websites whether commercial or personal. The main difference between the site and conventional search engines such as Google is that while they respond to specific queries to try to bring you the exact site you were looking for, works on a different principle: It taps a different source of traffic – those people who didn’t know in advance they wanted to visit your page.

“OK so it’s just another pixel-ad site”! You cry. Don’t worry, it really isn’t. is much more than that. For one, half of all the money we raise from selling the ads will go to charity. Either a Japanese charity (The Japanese Cancer Research Foundation) or an international charity (The International Red Cross/Crescent, via its Japanese arm). There are also a number of other important and innovative differences that are outlined in the FAQs section. Two important differences are the fact that the webpage exists in Japanese and English versions and we will translate your ads into Japanese. This gives you the opportunity to break into this difficult market. In addition, if you are looking for a partnership with a Japanese company, we will try and match your needs and put you in touch with each other.